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Travel Journal by Moleskine

A while ago I came across the Travel Journal by Moleskine. I bought it and have used it to plan our trip to Iceland over Easter.
Here's a little something about it:

The journal has the usual "Personal Details" page, but with travel related info as well (e.g. vaccination, travel insurance, ...). This page is followed by 4 pages of Airline Loyalty Card information, so there's space for the information on 12 (!!) cards.
Followed by this are two pages that I personally find incredibly useful: Don't Forget - Standard Checklist. There's loads of space for the standard items you take on a journey (pre-printed: toothbrush :)), much more than you could ever wanna take, but again, I find it so useful.
Next there's a fold out page containing yearly overview calendars of 2011-2018 with a Travel Timeline on the back of the folding out part.
Then there are 14 pages of useful information, for example Time Zones, Temperatures and Days of Rain, Flight Durations, etc.

As a main part the Travel Journal has 5 tabbed categories: Wish List, Planning, Weekends, Short Trips, Long Trips.

The Wish List contains a couple of pages where you can write destination names and have some (limited) space for notes on each destination.
Next is the Planning tab. This contains pages where the left hand page contains space to answer the five Ws (where, when, who, what, why) and the right hand page gives you space for budget planning (what - price - total).
The Weekend tab has a "before" part on the left page (destination, date, how to get there, travel guide, travel companions, notes and checklist for this trip) and an "after" part on the right page (memorable moments and half a page for photos or clippings).
Next is the Short Trips tab, which is similar to the Weekend one, just on four instead of two pages. It gives you one whole page for your checklist, another one for memorable moments and one more for photos and clippings.
The Long Trip tab gives you a luxurious 8 pages per trip. There's the "before" part (see Weekend) on two pages, one page where you can just write the places you have been and the dates, one page for maps and notes, two pages for memorable moments and two for photos and clippings.

Behind all this there are five more tabs to label as you please. The first two give you 20 pages of lined paper, the next has eight divided pages (5 lines per page), then come two tabs giving you 15 pages for photos and drawings and 15 pages of blank paper.
At the very end of the journal you can find an index with pre-printed page numbers.

In the back of the book there are also two fold-out pockets and some stickers.

Now, as I said at the beginning I use this journal to plan our trip to Iceland. I really like the structure the journal gives me, but there are also some things that I won't be using (e.g. the photos/clippings pages, I've got my SmashBook for that). One thing that totally annoys me is the fact that the paper is not very good for fountain pen writing. Writing with my Lamy (medium nib, Lamy blue) leaves some bleed-through and the paper is so thin that you can read everything on the next page as well.

If you are still interested, though, have a look here.

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