Sonntag, 29. April 2012

Filo-Fail? Filo-Frenzy!

I've been on an odyssee filo-wise these last couple of weeks.

First I didn't really warm up with the Baroque, but after it did a great job in Iceland he and I have become good friends.
Then I decided to join in on the Malden-hype. The Malden in Vintage Pink was on sale in the UK, so I didn't have to think about it long, I ordered it and eagerly awaited the package. I had always thought I didn't like the color, but I saw it (behind glass) a couple of weeks back and thought it wasn't so bad.

So when the Malden finally arrived I was quite disappointed that there was a scratch on the latch.
I contacted Filofax UK and they answered right away, telling me to send the Malden back. I just had to make the choice of whether I wanted a replacement or refund. I decided I wanted the refund. Why? Well, I had seen the Malden before, but the first time I touched it was when I opened the package from the UK. Now, from what I'd read on forums, blogs, etc. I expected a really, really soft leather. So I was disappointed when I found out that my Holborn Zip knocked the spots of the Malden's leather. Mr Holborn's leather is so much softer. And prettier. And smells better*. And ... everything! I guess Mr Holborn, for me, is Mr Right!

So after I sent the Malden back, I found out that Filofax Germany is having a sale on Finchleys (and other models, for that matter). The Finchley is my favorite model (except for Mr Right of course) and I do know this for sure because I am the proud owner of a Personal Imperial Purple Finch, which I use as my Postcrossing filo. I had been looking for A5 Finchleys in Mustard, Jade Green/Soft Jade and Teal for a while**, so finding out that Filofax Germany still had the A5 in Mustard available and it was 50% off... well, you can imagine what happened.

A day or two later I learned about the Great Philofaxy Adspot Sale (by the very friendly Erin) and was able to score two Cuban A5s, one in Ink and the other one in Chili. I already own a Cuban Zip, so I am aware of the fact that the leather is not even close to being as soft as Mr Right's leather, but I do like the clean, adult look (and feel!) of the Cubans.

I think I really need to cut back on spending money on Filos. I mean, really, how many can you use at a time (yes, I'm begging you to enable me here!). ;-)

*The Malden did smell very unpleasant. Somewhere between leather and lots and lots of dye. 

**I'm still looking for the Teal and/or Jade Finchleys. A5 is my preferred size, but I will consider Personal. Just in case you have one that you don't need, please don't hesitate to contact me!


  1. My vintage pink A5 Malden didn't smell so good when it first arrived either. However with time it now smells of that lovely leather smell I'd expect. I hope you get on well with your new filos :)

  2. ich kann mich auch immer nicht entscheiden.... zur Zeit bin ich sehr glücklich mit meinem Cameleon.... aber auf den Finchley hatte ich auch schon mal ein Auge geworfen... ich denke das wird der nächste :D