Dienstag, 14. Februar 2012

How I came to own two Domino Italia / Wie ich dazu kam, zwei Domino Italia zu besitzen

After the virus had gotten a hold of me, I searched the web for good deals on Filofaxes. And found a reduced Domino Italia on filofax.it (who'da thought it?!) in a magnificent mustardy yellow. Shipping costs were also reduced to zero-nada-nix within the EU, so I ordered one in Pocket size as I had somehow had the idea to carry the big A5 as a work-Filo and a Pocket as a private Filo. Turned out that system doesn't work for me at all, but I didn't know that back then.

A couple of days later I finally received my beautiful Domino Italia. There is really only one difference between the "common" Domino and the Italian version: the clasp. The common Domino has a rubber band going all the way around it, which is fastened on the back of it, the Italian version has a button and a small rubber loop that goes around the button, not unlike the Songbird.

What surprised me, as the owner of an A5 Domino, was the suede-like inside of the Pocket version. It feels much softer than the A5 version and I really like that, although the rings leave prints on it pretty fast. I also expect it to get dirty much faster than the more rough inside of its big brother. Here's a pic:

The Pocket also only has one (non-elastic) pen loop, which, had I used it as a private filo, would have been enough. For a school-filo, though, I definitely need two pen loops and most of the time even those aren't enough.

The pen loop is also the reason why I now own two Domino Italia Pocket in Mustard. The very first time I tried to insert a pencil (not even a mechanical big one, just an ordinary pencil) a piece of the suede came of when I just held on to it. The suede material makes it hard to insert any pen that is not absolutely smooth (or tiny) into the pen loop, making it necessary to hold on to one part of the loop. Now, maybe a pic will give you a better idea of what my Domino Italia looked like after I tried to insert the pencil:

As you can imagine I was quite upset after this happened. It's not like the Domino Italia is an expensive vase that fell and shattered into a thousand pieces, but still... it was new, I liked it, I was upset.

So a day or two later I decided I'd email Filofax Italia to let them know what happened to me. I also attached two pics, but I never intended for them to do anything about it really, I just wanted to let them know that things like these happen and that I was sad about it.
Therefore, the email I got a day later was a nice surprise: They were very sorry about this and a new Domino was already on its way to me. I could just dispose of the other one.


This is what I call customer service! I received a new Domino a couple of days later. Without the inserts, obviously, but still.

I now own two of these filos and haven't quite figured out what to do with them yet. One holds some inserts I got from Hema and one has a birthday calendar inside that I hardly ever use cause I also have all the birthdays written in my work A5. But until I assign them a purpose I will just let them sit on the shelf with my other filos and let them remind me of the perfect customer service of Filofax Italia.
I just hope that Filofax France (where I got my Holborn Zip with rings that don't close all the way) has good service as well, but that's a whole different matter which I will discuss in another post.

Gibt es irgendwen, der die Posts gerne auch auf Deutsch hätte? Sonst spare ich mir die deutschen Versionen.

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  1. Hi Anke,

    I'd never heard of the Domino Italia - it looks very nice.

    I also like the Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens, and use one of their Coleto multi-pens for color coding in my Filofax.

    Your blog has started off very well, and I hope you keep the posts coming!