Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

Mini-Review: Filofax Piazza Mini Blu

I got this Filo on eBay for a couple of bucks. It was a bargain. I never thought I'd win the auction, but was happy when I did.
I'm making this a mini-review as I don't have much time to write (plus, it is a Mini-Filo ;)):

On the plus side:
+ color: I'm a big fan of all things blue!
+ feeling: "Deluxe Smooth Leather". Pretty much says it all.
+ cotton cream: Love the paper. Wish it was available in A5 (review coming sometime soon).
+ full length zippered pocket (see "size")
+ full length wallet pocket (see "size")
+ size: Mini is a cute size, although I haven't found the perfect purpose yet. It might become my travel wallet as it doesn't have enough storage space for an everyday one, but I guess it would do great when travelling. I could also use it as a travel journal.

On the down side:
- pen loop: I really, really wish Filofax would make all pen loops elastic (or at least part elastic). This one is big enough for the common pencil, but not for my Lamy fountain pen, which I like to use for any journalling activity...
- size: see above, it just isn't big enough to be used as an everyday wallet (not for me at least) and it's also too small as a work filo.

Even though I'm still partial about the size I love having this little beauty.

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